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SEPTEMBER 19, 2019

Introduction to Learning Tajweed || Reciting Holy Quran Correctly

In order to fully understand and comprehend the powerful message of Quran one should start from learning of Tajweed as it is the primary skill towards the learning of Quran. Accurate guidance and instructions of tajweed enables one get familiar and develop expression of generating correct pronunciation.Attaining proficiency and understanding of Holy Quran and tajweed is the important duty of Muslim children and grown ups.The institute of learning teaches Tajweed and Quran, starts with the customary Qaida which is the first step for this task. It is the stepping stone for reciting and reading Quran with accurate Tajweed rules. Following Tajweed course enables basic and essential understanding of the rules, enabling further studies towards learning Holy Quran.

Basic Tajweed Principles for Learning Quran Online

The primary principle for pursuing Holy Quran understanding in a marvelous way is to comprehend the Tajweed rules amicably first.Without having a basic understanding of Tajweed, one cannot recite the Holy Quran, in the manner it was revealed. In our Online Quran classes we explain to you and educate the Tajweed rules for this very reason.Our educators are masters of their field and exemplary in teaching Quran. We offer courses at all levels so that you can choose the right course as per your requirement.


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