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Memorization of Quran

Memorization of Quran

We understand that learning the whole Quran with heart and physical attempt is not an easy thing to do. It is a god gifted blessing for those people who are able to learn and memorize the entire Quran by heart easily.If you join our course you will get this God gift. You have to be active both physically and mentally to get all benefits of Quran and Islam in this world.To remember Whole Quran you and your children must have a physical and mental capacity to retain it in your mind for a long time. In our online Quran learning academy we organize and make strategies through which our students can memorize Quran in short time.

Our Holy Quran recitation online strategies:
1)      Learn new information everyday

In our course we teach you the Quran and verses of Quran every day.

2)      Learning of new lessons everyday

This part contains the information of each verses of Quran. in this part you will be able to learn the various verses of the Quran. Learning of new lessons is vital of everyone who needs to learn and retain Holy book in their heart.

3)      Recall all Old lessons of Quran

In this part you will learn how to recall and memorize the verses of the Quran effectively. After this part you will learn how to remember Quran after 20-30 days of learning course. Through this you can also discover how much Quran you have in your heart.