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Translation of Quran and Tafseer

Translation of Quran and Tafseer

Translation of Quran and Tafseer is a first course which gives you complete guide about Quran ayats. In tafseer course we provide training for our students in which we teach them Islamic lessons clearly.Any Muslim can understand the lessons of Allah which mention in Quran. However it requires some guidance through which they can learn the Quran tafseer. That’s the reason this translation course is very helpful which gives a complete understanding about each message of Allah.Our translation course will help you to understand the messages of Allah in easy ways. After studying this course you will be able to get the right information to live your life according to the right Islamic ways.

What you can learn?

Translation of Quran and Tafseer course will give you a complete guide from our holy book.

You can learn various things through our course which include:
  • Real meaning of or Holy book
  • Understand right grammar of Arabic
  • Learn about Shaan-e-Nuzool
  • Understand Allah’s lessons
  • Right use of direction of Islam
  • Learn about Islamic Ethics