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Urdu and Arabic Languages

Urdu and Arabic Languages

It is important for every Muslim to read and understand the content of Quran. On the other hand it gives you right way and suggestions to live your life in the light of Islam. Teaching lessons from our Holy book gives us a right path to live your life. Lots of Muslims live in different countries so it is one of the best ways to learn Quran easily. All of the people need right understanding of Quran in easy languages. We teach you the Quran in easy language so that you can better understand the importance of Quran.

What you get from us?

Our Online Quran Class Academy is a perfect spot where you can teach Quran Tarjuma. in our online academy we arrange best teachers for you.

We start our Quran learning course with following steps:
  • In the start we teach you Complete Arabic words
  • Complete translation of Qurani Ayats
  • Give you complete understanding about Quran Verses
  • Right understanding of the Quran verses
  • Learn the Quran Tarjuma with its complete past knowledge